Stephen Shachtman

artist statement

I’m constantly seeking to create a visual pallet from my artistic vocabulary of forms and techniques. I sculpt to explore modern and organic aesthetics with inspirations informing me from; nature, man-made, and or conjured up forms and environments in my mind. These inspirations lead to visions in my mind’s eye which in turn I’m compelled to create sculptural forms, series, and installations to bring to reality. In short, the sculptures I create circulate with aesthetics in contemporary forms with influences and inspiration from, science, architecture, and the world around us.

My current body of work is focused on the presence of large stoic forms, gateway pieces, primarily monoliths and their relationship to space. These forms address the play and balance between space that is physically occupied in conjunction with form and the activated surrounding space. All pieces use natural light to unveil another dimension or personality of the piece, as form, perspective, shadows, and reflection merge to produce an element of surprise.